Basic Information

How much does it cost?

A standard 1.5 to 2 hour demo is $10

What application is used for the demonstrations?

I use Zoom, prior to the remote demo, it is helpful to download Zoom you can do that here:

How do I find the instructions and Meeting ID to join a demo?

When you placed your order, you should have received an email titled “Your Virtual Woodturning Demos Order is Complete” in this email there is a downloadable PDF with the Meeting ID and login instructions. You can find all the information you need in this PDF. If you are unable to find this please contact us.

What if I missed a demonstration?

Most of our demonstrations are archived and available for 1 month after the date they took place.

If you already registered for the demo you can use the Meeting ID that you were given when you registered, as the password to have access to the archived demonstration available HERE.

If you were unable to join us in the original demo, access is also available to be purchased HERE.

I registered for the demonstration and I am trying to re-watch it. What is the password?

The password is the same as the Meeting ID that you were given in the downloadable PDF. (ex. 123 456 7890) Make sure you include the spaces.

Internet and Technology

What if my internet is not working during the demo?

This happens, and is just part of the process of virtual demos. This is one of the many reasons I archive the demos so they can be watched after the live demo takes place.

What if the demonstrators internet cuts out or there are other technological issues on the demonstrators side?

Technology sometimes doesn’t go our way. While we do everything possible to make sure the demo goes as planned, there is a small chance that something could interfere – be it weather, internet service, computer issues, etc.

In this unlikely event, we would reschedule the demo and/or offer refunds depending on the situation.

Archived Demos

How long are archived demos available?

We have an agreement with demonstrators to allow you to view the demo for one month after the demo takes place. If you registered for the live demo, you have access to the archived demo using the same Meeting ID you used to enter the demo as the password. Links to each video are found here by clicking on the corresponding image.

The only exception is the demos done by Trent, they will be available for more than the one month period.

If you did not register for the live demo you can purchase archived access for 3 weeks after the demo and have access until the end of the one month period. When you purchase the archived demo you will see the specific dates under each product.

How do I access the Archived Demos?

You can find archived demos here. Please click on the image corresponding with the demo you want to watch.

Please note that the password is the same as the Meeting ID you used to enter the meeting (or the password you were given when purchasing the archived demo). Spaces are important.


I have a demonstrator I want to see, or a topic I am interested in. How do I let you know?

We are always open to suggestions, so if there is a topic you are interested in or a demonstrator you would like to see let us know and maybe that will be one of our upcoming demos. Please contact us.