Photographing Woodturnings with John Vaeth -June 29, 2021


Specific Details: Want to learn how to photograph your woodturnings? Whether applying for exhibitions, grants, promoting yourself via your website or social media, or just trying to keep a portfolio of your work, good photography is important.  As a photographer for Kodak, John traveled throughout the U.S., teaching photographic seminars, working in the National Parks, and shooting sporting events for Kodak videos.  He also worked as a studio photographer in Kodak’s Photographic Technology Division, shooting still lifes and portraits. In this demo John will cover:

  • Equipment selection
  • Basic (inexpensive) solutions and advanced dedicated setups
  • Exploring the three lighting options:  Daylight, speedlights, “hot” lights
  • The key to good pictures: understanding lighting ratios, light direction, light quality
  • Backgrounds – graduated, fabric, natural, etc.
  • Photographing glossy, translucent, and textured surfaces
  • Composition
  • Using props
  • Understanding depth of field
  • Post processing: applying the finishing touches with image processing software


Topic: Photographing Woodturnings with John Vaeth

Date: June 29, 2021 – 5 to 7 pm Mountain Daylight Time

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