The Lost Wood Process with Art Liestman – August 3rd


Specific Details: I turn spindle blanks that are made up of three laminated layers.  After turning, the middle layer is removed and the two outer layers are rejoined to give a turned object that isn’t round.  More details can be found in my American Woodturner article “Beyond Round: The Lost Wood Process” (August 2012).  As an example of this process, I show how to make a standard turned box that ends up being almond shaped in cross-section (inside and out).  The demo shows the glue up process (including grain matching), turning the box, disassembling and reassembling the layers.  This should be understandable and within the abilities of woodturners at all levels.

Topic: The Lost Wood Process

Date: August 3rd – 12 to 2 pm Mountain Time

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